Current Work

Access some recently published research and interviews I’ve conducted on my work.

Social Media, Political Marketing and the 2016 U.S. Election: Released May 2018

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram create new ways to market political campaigns and new channels for candidates and voters to interact. This volume investigates the role and impact of social media in the 2016 U.S. election, focusing specifically on the presidential nominating contest.

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Brand: Released September 2017

In this latest book co-authored with my son, Todd Newman, we put forward an innovative model of branding that integrates the best practices across six different brand entities: Products, services, people, organizations, nations and complex ideas.  The book relies on extensive examples of successful branding strategies, including the recent Trump election victory and the challenge to climate change advocates.

I recently held an interview with DePaul University’s College of Business, where I discussed Brand’s primary framework and how it integrates with political marketing. The full interview is available here.

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The Journal of Political Marketing, Volume 20

I published the Journal of Political Marketing Volume 20 in 2021. This has been the cornerstone of my experience in the field, as I have published an updated volume of this Journal every year for the past 15 years. It is available for purchase here.

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The Marketing Revolution in Politics

Released in January 2016, this book captures the effective marketing models Obama employed in his successful 2008 an 2012 campaigns. It is available for purchase on

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Articles I’ve written:

The Journal of Psychology and Marketing

Most recently, I published Reinforcing Lessons for Business from the Marketing Revolution in U.S. Presidential Politics: A Strategic Triad. Access the October 2016 issue here.

Published on, I discuss marketing techniques that were successful for Obama that the current nominees could benefit from in my article Marketing Lessons Businesses Can Learn From Obama. Read it here.

Amid the Hoopla, Donald Trump has Some Marketing Lessons for Businesses

Although he may be arguable the most controversial candidate in recent history, I examine some marketing tactics Donald Trump has leveraged in his campaign that have contributed to his relative success. Access the full article here.

Interviews and contributions:

Intrepid Media:

The 2016 Election Outcome Explained

In this podcast, I reflected on the marketing strategies of each political candidate, and how that impacted their brand, evaluated their strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately how their political marketing campaigns determined the outcome of the election. Listen here.

American Marketing Association:

How Social Media, Microtargeting and Big Data Revolutionized Political Marketing

I discuss the important impact that successfully understanding and leveraging big data can have on a political campaign. Access my insights here.

The World Financial Review

The Strategic Role of Marketing-Related Technology in Politics and What Business can Learn from It

Published in The World Financial Review, I discuss the importance of leveraging data and targeting capabilities to optimize and run successful campaigns.

Monacle 24

Democrats use Trump as Bogeyman to get People to Vote

Monacle 24

Earlier in the political race, I discussed the political strategy of highlighting opposing political candidates in an article written by Monacale 24. Access it here.

Business of Fashion

Inside the Business of Trump’s Trucker Hats and Clinton’s Pantsuit Tees

In August 2016, I commented on the role campaign merchandise can play in the presidential race as a branding strategy. Article published by the Business of Fashion. Access here.

A Political Swag Season Like No Other

In a podcast, I comment on the uniqueness of the race, as the two most disliked presidential candidates in history both use their opponent’s public disdain as a cornerstone of their campaign platforms. Listen here.

Interviews with  the Washington Sinclair Broadcast Group:

I was interviewed several times for various articles published by the Washington Sinclair Broadcast Group.

  • Controversial profile of Obama aide reignites debate over Iran deal, Benghazi. Read more.
  • White House Goes Big on Social Media for SCOUTUS Nomination. Access here.
  • How Obama’s Marketing Strategy is Helping Bernie Sanders. Insights here.

Published on, I discuss marketing techniques that were successful for Obama that the current nominees could benefit from in my article Marketing Lessons Businesses Can Learn From Obama. Read it here.