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With over 30 years experience in researching and teaching political marketing, I’ve published, co-authored, and co-edited quite a few books and scholarly articles on the subject.

MY LATEST BOOK – A Research Agenda for Political Marketing (1st Addition; For Release Spring 2022)

Edited by Bruce I. Newman and Todd P. Newman
This Research Agenda documents and establishes the thinking of leading scholars in the field of political marketing and related sub-fields, also encompassing additional social science disciplines that intersect at the crossroads of political marketing. Chapters address the complexity of how politicians and political parties leverage trust, credibility, and expertise across their policy positions, and how citizens formulate their attitudes and opinions. “Expertly curated by Bruce and Todd Newman, this collection of articles by leading international scholars elegantly encapsulates the principles and practices of political marketing in the early twenty-first century. Particularly noteworthy is the topical focus on digital populism, political branding, and the role of scandal in electoral campaigns.” – Richard Tempest, University of Illinois, US This book is available for preorder now here.

A Research Agenda for political Marketing

“This fascinating book, with contributions from leading political marketing scholars worldwide, comes at a sadly propitiously time, as democracy is imploding amid the growth of ideologically extreme groups untethered to truth, ferociously marketing their political ideas. Co-editors Bruce Newman and Todd Newman, and their assemblage of assiduous scholars, have produced a book that addresses the multitude of issues facing contemporary political marketing, offering luminous insights on issues spanning digital populism, political disaffection, issues management, branding, ethical chasms, and the bête noire of political campaigning: propaganda. Students and researchers will come away with new perspectives from this stimulating book.” – Richard M. Perloff,  Cleveland State University, US and author of The Dynamics of Political Communication (3rd. edition)  The book is available for purchase here.

Political Branding: More Than Parties, Leaders and Policies (1st EditioN; Released in November 2020)

Edited by Christopher Pich and Bruce I. Newman
This book demonstrates the progress that has been made on political branding research across international contexts. It focuses on the critical application of new concepts and frameworks, generating a deeper understanding of unexplored settings and positioning research from multiple perspectives. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.


I recently held an interview with DePaul University’s College of Business, where I discussed Brand’s primary framework and how it integrates with political marketing. The full interview is available here. Brand_Cover

Available for purchase through Amazon.

The Journal of Political Marketing
wplm20-v015-i02-03-cover I published the Journal of Political Marketing Volume 20 in 2021. This has been the cornerstone of my experience in the field, as I have published an updated volume of this Journal every year for the past 15 years. It is available for purchase here.
The Marketing Revolution in Politics
large.jpg My latest book, The Marketing Revolution in Politics, describes various marketing methods presidents have used in the past as part of their campaign strategies. It is available for purchase on Amazon.com. The book is also available in Turkish on Amazon.

Psychology and Marketing – October 2016
journal.PNG Reinforcing Lessons for Business from the Marketing Revolution in U.S. Presidential Politics: A Strategic Triad I have published the lead article in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing’s October 2016 issue. It is available here.
In addition to these most recent publications, I also authored or contributed to these additional books:
  • Political Marketing: Retrospective and Prospective (co-edited in 2013) Available here.
  • Political Marketing: Strategic ‘Campaign Culture’ (co-edited in 2013) Available here.
  • Political Marketing: Theoretical and Strategic Foundations (co-authored in 2011). Available here.
  • A Cross-Cultural Theory of Voter Behavior (co-authored in 2008). Available here.
  • Winning Elections with Political Marketing (co-edited in 2006). Available here.
    • Sigma Press- In Korean, Seoul, South Korea/2007.
  • L’Apparenza E L’Appeartenenza: Teorie Del Marketing Politico (co-edited in Italy in 2004). Available here.
  • Communication of Politics: Cross-Cultural Theory Building in the Practice of Public Relations and Political Marketing (2002). Available here.
  • The Mass Marketing of Politics: Democracy in an Age of Manufactured Images (1999). Available here.
    • Bagolyvar Publishing Co.- In Hungarian, Budapest, Hungary/2000.
  • Handbook of Political Marketing (1999). Available here.
  • Customer Behavior: Consumer Behavior and Beyond (co-authored in 1998). Available here.
  • The Marketing of the President: Political Marketing as Campaign Strategy (1993). Available here.
    • Nanam Publishing House- In Korean, Seoul, South Korea/2000.
    • Bagolyvar Publishing Co- In Hungarian, Budapest, Hungary/2000.
    • Corwin Press (Sage Publishing co.)- In Chinese, Shanghai, China/2008.
  • Consumption Values and Market Choices: Theory and Applications (co-authored in 1991). Available here.
  • A Theory of Political Choice Behavior (co-authored in 1987). Available here.
  • Readings in Political Marketing (co-edited in 1985). Available here.