The Journal of Political Marketing

This journal, for which I have published a new version each year for the past 15 years, encapsulates my expertise in the political marketing field. As the Editor and Chief, I place a lot of pride and emphasis on the articles published in this journal.


Published by Taylor & Francis, The Journal of Political Marketing aims to be the leading scholarly journal examining the latest developments in the application of marketing methods to politics. As the political world becomes more complex and interwoven, it is imperative for all interested parties to stay abreast of “cutting edge” tools that are used in unique and different ways in countries around the world. The journal goes beyond the application of advertising to politics to study various strategic marketing tools such as:
  • Voter segmentation
  • Candidate positioning
  • Use of multivariate statistical modeling to better understand the thinking and choices made by voters
The journal is highly selective in publishing only the most advanced conceptual, strategic and quantitative oriented work from academics around the world. It is vital reading for politicians, candidates, political party officials, consultants, corporate lobbyists, pollsters, media specialists, journalists, business executives, managers, and academics in democracies around the world.
The journal’s focus includes current and predicted future trends such as the application of Big Data and Analytics to politics. It offers a new approach to the use of innovative marketing in the commercial marketplace. Political campaign organizations use real-time data to direct and re-direct political commercials in the most cost-effective manner.
The journal’s Editorial Board includes leading academic scholars from around the world as well as leading political consultants whom have worked on presidential-level campaigns in the United States, United Kingdom and other countries.
Special Issues are regularly published that highlight the application of marketing to politics in selected countries around the world, as well as to the application of some of the latest technological developments in the field. These issues are published by Guest Editors who are some of the leading scholars and strategists in selected areas of the field of politics. On occasion, the journal also includes editorial commentaries and book reviews.

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